Kretzmann Commentary Recommended

I recommend the Kretzmann Commentary of the Bible because his respect for the Word of God shows. When I am trying to understand the meaning of a particular passage, I frequently use The Popular Commentary of the Bible by Paul E. Kretzmann, Ph. D., D. D.; he completed it nearly 100 years ago in 1924.

“The Popular Commentary is a Lutheran commentary composed in the spirit of Luther, whose one paramount desire was to have all people read and understand, believe and live the Bible. It is a commentary such as Luther would have written, had he lived in America today, a commentary of the Bible and for the Bible. “

You can see for yourself when you read his commentary on Colossians that follows.

The Popular Commentary is in the public domain. The original volumes were not copyrighted. Our online edition of Popular Commentary constitutes a new edition of the work in at least this regard: we have edited the spelling for consistency (actually this is still an ongoing process), and have, of course, added many spelling errors of our own, since this is an unpaid public effort.”

We do claim the copyright on the electronic edition, but only to assure that it is not tampered with. We give full permission to replicate and distribute the text in any form whatsoever, printed or electronic, so long as the content itself is not altered, other than to correct scanning errors, fix formatting, change fonts, etc.”

The commentary puts Bible passage references in this form: Acts 16, 6; 18, 23. I have changed them to today’s form: Acts 16:6; Acts 18:23. I have also added paragraph formatting for easier reading, but have not altered any content.

Bill Bremer

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